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The first 300 Limited Edition sets sold out in record time. Due to overwhelming demand we’re able to make additional Special Edition sets available! All of the sets will include many extras never before available and this set is only offered here on our web site. All of the sets (Limited Edition and Special Edition) will include even more features than before (new features underlined below):

*NOTE – the Special Edition sets will NOT be numbered or autographed.
The Special Edition set includes:

The 21 song audio CD and the 21 song DVD of the Los Angeles show, recorded October 21, 2005 (NOTE: ONLY 5 VIDEO TRACKS will be AVAILABLE on the commercial release!)

Check out the preview clip by clicking here.

Never before seen "Behind the Scenes" video footage taking you on an exclusive journey with the band from their first reunion rehearsals… to watching the band from behind the curtain as they get ready for the historic 1st reunion show… to their 1st live performance in over 30 years of “I Wanna Be With You” recorded at The House Of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio!

Never before seen one on one interviews with each band member from the VH1 Classic “Hangin’ With” sessions!

A rare audio recording from the original masters of a 1973 Armed Forces Radio Network concert and interview from Germany, featuring the previously unreleased “Raspberry Jam”! Audio remastered by Mark Linett. Also, you’ll now be able to watch rare home movies shot by Jim Bonfanti during the band’s European and US tours and see behind the scenes footage from The Record Plant studio in NYC while the band was recording their classic “Side 3” album - all while you listen to this concert!

The complete pre-show video montage that began each of the reunion shows.

Music/Video recorded during the VH1 Classic “Hangin’ With” sessions never available until now!  And... you'll now be able to get this feature online! Upon ordering this set you’ll receive special access to download these unreleased performances and features. The 1st download: Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)! (not available on DVD).

A very special audio recording of “It’s Cold Outside”, recorded live at Cleveland’s Scene Pavilion July 15, 2005 produced by Mark Linett which is accompanied by a slide show featuring images from that concert!

Audio tracks of two unreleased demos: “Please Let Me Come Back Home” and “Oh Tonight”

Copies of handwritten lyrics!
This amazing collection can still be yours for only $125.00, plus shipping and handling.

Order your set NOW while supplies last!
Orders will ship within 7-10 business days.

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